27 giugno / 27th of June
18.30 / 6.30pm
Via Gola 5, Milano

18:30 – Welcome Tea
19:00 – Vittorio Corsini
19:30 – Marta Dell'Angelo
20:00 – Alessandro Nassiri



Racconto Di20 is a series of meetings led by artists from
various generations, that began in autumn 2014.

Each meeting revolves around three artists telling three stories.
Each artist has exactly twenty minutes to depict one of his works
through story telling without any material support.

Twenty members of the audience will be given paper, pencils
and felt-tip pens to sketch what is being described.
With each new story, the observer/draftsman will hand over
the piece of paper and pencils to another observer who would
want to participate in this experience.

The artwork is therefore stimulated in various ways:
through the story-telling, then again through the observer’s
representation and finally through the combination of the collected sketches.
All sketches are eventually given to the guest artist.



RaccontoDi20 is a project by
Concetta Modica and Sophie Usunier.


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